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As a well-established firm operating in Gibraltar for over 100 years, we at T&T Management Services have a long tradition of charitable giving.

We have always believed that we have a social responsibility to give something back to the communities, both local and international, to which we belong and which have sustained our successful legal practice over the decades.

These contributions have taken the form of financial contributions from Triay and T&T Management Services , donations from our staff who regularly participate in fundraising activities to support our firms’ charitable goals, as well as professional time provided pro bono to good causes and community projects.

Although we are only a small part of the Gibraltar community, which in turn represents a tiny part of the worldwide community of nations, nevertheless we believe that our actions, however small, reverberate outwards and make a real difference. We share our planet with all living things and we have a moral duty to protect every aspect of our natural environment. This puts us under an active obligation to take positive action, especially now that all the scientific evidence is warning us of the untold damage which humankind is wreaking on our climate and every aspect of the delicately balanced natural environments which sustain all forms of life on earth.

Our policy accordingly is to collect money for good causes and to divide our charitable donations between local and worldwide good causes, as follows:


To help children in need in Gibraltar and the Campo de Gibraltar in the relief of poverty, and to contribute to their educational and medical needs; and


To support charities, organisations and institutions, private and/or public, engaged in the protection of the natural environment and the welfare of animals and other living forms from the impact of human activity in all parts of the world;

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