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Senior Company Administrator
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Andrew’s tenure at TTMS spans an impressive 17 years, during which he has evolved professionally and made significant contributions to the organisation. For the past 2 years, he has assumed the vital role of Senior Company Administrator, contributing significantly to the company’s operational efficiency and success.

Andrew’s responsibilities extend beyond the traditional scope, as he actively collaborates with the Compliance Department during the critical onboarding process for new clients and portfolios. His keen attention to detail ensures a seamless and compliant integration of clients into TTMS’s services. At the core of Andrew’s portfolio management role is the oversight of a diverse and intricate array of companies. This includes entities with multinational structures, navigating complexities in both onshore and offshore jurisdictions. His adept handling of Public Limited Companies and Funds adds another layer to his multifaceted responsibilities, where collaboration with Triay Lawyers further enhances the comprehensive services offered.

Notably, Andrew recently achieved a significant professional milestone by completing the Professional Diploma of Competence in the Gibraltar Financial Services, securing a distinction. This accomplishment underscores his commitment to staying abreast of industry developments and further enhances his capacity to navigate the dynamic landscape of financial services in Gibraltar.