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For an impressive 35 years, Noemi has been a steadfast and dedicated member of the TTMS team, contributing her expertise and commitment to the organization. Recognizing her invaluable contributions, she was rightfully promoted to the esteemed position as Director of TTMS in January 2023. In her dual capacity as a Director of TTMS , Noemi also has a permission to act as a Director of inhouse authorised entities. She plays a pivotal role in steering the course of corporate and trust services.

Noemi’s responsibilities extend beyond her directorial roles, she manages a extensive portfolio of companies and ensures operational excellence and strategic alignment with organisational goals. Her engagement with clients reflects a personalised and client-focused approach, further solidifying TTMS’s reputation for excellence in client relations. Moreover, Noemi’s adept management skills come to the fore as she leads and inspires the TTMS team. Her leadership style fosters collaboration and innovation, creating a work environment that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of clients and stakeholders.