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With an unwavering commitment spanning 47 years, Rosanna has been a stalwart in her role as Director in TTMS. In this capacity, she not only oversees a diverse array of companies but also assumes a pivotal role in guiding and leading the corporate team at TTMS. Beyond her core responsibilities, Rosanna holds the position of director for authorised entities, including internal entities which provide comprehensive corporate and trustee services.

In her dual role as Director for TTMS and director of these authorised entities, Rosanna navigates the intricate landscape of corporate and trustee services with finesse. Her seasoned expertise, accumulated over four decades, shines through as she steers her portfolio towards excellence. Rosanna’s multifaceted leadership underscores her integral role in shaping the success and operational efficiency of TTMS and its affiliated authorised entities.¬†Furthermore, Rosanna assumes the role of trustee for numerous trusts, diligently ensuring that the best interests of these trusts remain a top priority.