Trusts in Gibraltar

T & T Management Services provides professional trustee and wealth management services through its associated trust company T & T Trustees Limited which is duly licensed by the Financial Services Commission. We have a highly trusted and proven track record in the provision of professional trust services to clients worldwide.

Those services include:

  • Advising settlors in relation to the establishment and settlement of trusts in Gibraltar as well as underlying structures for the holding of assets in Gibraltar and elsewhere
  • Administration of trusts and underlying trust assets
  • The provision of regulated professional trustee services
  • Registration of asset protection trusts under relevant local legislation in appropriate circumstances

Gibraltar trust law is derived from English trust law. The most popular trust vehicle used in Gibraltar is the discretionary trust albeit other forms of trust are also used and recognised. The drafting of trust documentation is usually undertaken by in-house professionals or alternatively, in conjunction with specialist advice received from T & T, a leading law firm in Gibraltar or other professionals from your home jurisdiction or place of residence.

Why set up a trust?

  • Estate planning: by settling your assets into trust the assets then vest (belong) to your trustee and subject to local laws in the jurisdiction of your nationality or domicile may therefore no longer form part of your personal estate when you die. Trusts have therefore been used for generations as a tax efficient means to maintain and pass on family wealth.
  • Protection of assets during your lifetime and afterwards: by settling your assets into trust you can protect those assets during your lifetime and set out the terms by which such trust is governed in the future. You may for example be concerned about a spendthrift or irresponsible child who cannot be entrusted with large amounts of capital or income but anxious to ensure that financial provision is in place in appropriate circumstances. Provision can therefore be made to ensure that the child in question only has access to limited income or capital in appropriate circumstances as prescribed by the trust deed or within the discretion of the trustees and that consequently, family wealth is preserved across generations.
  • Provision of funds for education or maintenance: Trusts can be used to ensure that capital or income is used and earmarked in order to pay for the education of or maintenance of children or grandchildren

The advantages of setting up a trust in Gibraltar are wide ranging and can be summarized as follows:

  • Regulatory framework in place to supervise and regulate professional trustees – first jurisdiction to implement such a regulatory environment
  • Low tax environment and tax efficient jurisdiction for trusts
    • No capital gains tax
    • No income tax in Gibraltar on trusts with non-resident beneficiaries: All income may therefore be accumulated free of tax in Gibraltar with the exception of income whcih has accumulated in or been derived from a trade, business or profession in Gibraltar
  • English speaking common law jurisdiction with trust law being derived from English law. Gibraltar is therefore a jurisdiction that has evolved with trust law and principles of equity.
  • Asset protection legislation (where relevant)

It is obviously important that you feel comfortable with the professional trustee appointed and at T & T Management Services, we have forged many successful relationships with wealthy families over generations. The key to our success has been our understanding of the needs and requirements of clients coupled with our ability to provide professional and expert solutions that meet with client expectations.

If you would like to discuss matters further then please feel free to contact us.

T & T Management Services Ltd
2 Irish Town, Gibraltar.
t: +350 200 76108
f: +350 200 72270

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